Accurate measurement of pH & KH in marine aquariums

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Red Sea pH / Alkalinity Test Kit – A dual test kit includes an accurate (1 dkH/0.36 meq/l) titration test for KH and a colorimetric test for pH for monitoring these essential parameters in all marine aquariums.


The Red Sea’s KH-Alkalinity test kit enables accurate dosing of Red Sea’s KH Coralline Gro or Reef Foundation B Buffer Supplements in fish-only systems.


Includes pH 100 tests, KH 55 tests.

Red Sea pH / Alkalinity Test Kit Specifications:

Test Name Accuracy Range Test Type No. of test
pH 0.2 7.6-8.6 Colorimetric 100
KH / Alkalinity 1 dKH / 0.36 meq/L 0- Titration 55