Red Sea’s next generation REEFERS™ are here!

Red Sea is working around the clock to continuously develop and improve our products, and we’re happy to announce the latest round of improvements to most of our REEFER™ models.


While you won’t notice any changes to the overall external appearance of our REEFER™  tanks, you’ll find some significant improvements within the system itself.


These include:

  • Refugium-ready sumps.
  • Downflow valve now positioned at the front of the cabinet.
  • Adjustable height skimmer chamber.
  • Increased volume for RO reservoir.
  • New filter cup, supplied in addition to a micron filter bag (both items also available as accessories for all REEFER™ models).
  • Marine Spec plywood cabinet with leveling feet for models XL425 and XL525 (previously available only for the XXL & Peninsula series).

The REEFER™ 170 model remains unchanged due to cabinet space limitations.


For more details about specific REEFER models, visit us at

We hope you enjoy these upgrades to Red Sea’s best-selling reef systems!