Coral nutrition – food for thought
// Published: 27.02.2020


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With so many feeding options, are you sure you’re giving your corals precisely what they need? If you want your corals to thrive, grow, be colorful, and resilient to changes, here’s some food for thought!

How do corals feed and what coral nutrients do they get from the Zooxanthellae algae they harbor? Why do we need to feed “photosynthetic” corals and how much? What is the “trade-off” between getting vivid coral colors and getting a supply of energy from the algae? How do corals consume food? Do they “digest”? What can they absorb and how do they optimize their uptake? Which nutritional components do we need to supply, and how can we maximize the energy corals get from the food? All this and more food for thought in this video. Enjoy!

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