Everything you always wanted to know about reefkeeping
// Published: 20.06.2019


Red Sea Insights™, a myth-busting video series that illuminates everything you always wanted to know about reefkeeping.


We invite you to sit back and dive into our unique reefkeeping insights and knowledge about the optimal lighting for your reef aquarium. Join us as we bust some reef lighting myths and share our innovative approach based on our extensive research into the photobiology of corals.


Watch the first 4 episodes to tap into the exciting topic of lighting and to the insights incorporated into our new ReefLED lighting. What makes a light Reef-Safe? Why is PAR not the whole story? When should you turn the lights off? And much more.

Red Sea Insights – The Reef Light Series:

Episode #1: The role of lighting

Episode #2: Reef-Safe lighting

Episode #3: Busting PAR reading myths

Episode #4: Light vs. dark period

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