Tips & Tricks – Feeding with Reef Energy Plus
// Published: 27.02.2020


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If you want to take your reefkeeping to the next level, and maximize the energy out of Reef Energy Plus, watch and learn. This educational video provides great practical feeding advice and fun with some really cool examples of broadcast feeding and close-ups of target feeding with crazy polyp extension and puffed up corals.

First, we’ll cover the tips for the “set & forget” method we all use every day because it’s easy and efficient: broadcast feeding and then the super fun target feeding technique.

How to let the food mix evenly throughout the aquarium, on the one hand, and not blow off the mucus layer from the corals on the other hand; which pumps to turn off and for how long; what to do with the dosing container between refills; how much tank water to mix with this superfood to get the perfect mixture for target feeding; what does Reef Energy Plus have to do with fish food and how can it help prevent HLLE, aka Holes in the Head; and is there hope for damaged or bleached corals? All this and more in this short video. Enjoy!

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