Controlling nuisance algae in reef aquaria
// Published: 16.09.2014
SHaron Ram Chief Scientist

Controlling nuisance algae in reef aquariums is one of the major struggles which face most hobbyists.


Today, there are several methods to reduce nutrient levels; some by resins (adsorbers) and other chemical filtration components, but the latest developments have focused on the enhancement of biological nutrient reduction by bacteria.


In order to boost biological activity, some hobbyists have dosed their aquariums with carbon sources such as vodka, vinegar & sugars, and have met with varying degrees of success and some failure.


In theory, providing enough organic carbon sources together with the availability of anoxic (oxygen depleted) areas in the tank (such as inside live rocks and sediment) will be enough to encourage proper denitrification and phosphate reduction, however it can also encourage other biological activities that may lead to disaster if they are not controlled (or better prevented) from beginning.


Red Sea’s NO3:PO4-X is the result of extensive scientific research into providing safe and effective removal of algae-causing nitrate and phosphate in reef aquaria. NO3:PO4-X encourages the proliferation of heterotrophic denitrifiers and phosphate harboring (PHB) bacteria that will maintain a balanced reduction of both nitrate and phosphate.



Safe & Effective Nutrient Reduction

One of the most important aspects of biological nutrient reduction is to encourage development of specific heterotrophic bacteria in order to ensure a complete and safe nutrient reduction process.


Red Sea’s NO3:PO4-X provides balanced levels of several carbon compounds, proven to encourage heterotrophic denitrifiers, thus preventing the accumulation of ammonia or nitrite.


NO3:PO4-X also provides 7 enzymatic co-factors to ensure complete denitrification and preventing N2O and NO formation, while also being formulated to prevent the risk of hydrogen sulfide development in anoxic conditions.



Red Sea’s NO3PO4-X provides safe, natural and effective control of algae-causing nutrients in the reef aquarium. Used in conjunction with an accurate nitrate test, NO3PO4-X allows hobbyists to control nuisance algae.


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