MAX C-Series

MAX C-Series

The complete close top coral reef fully featured REEF-SPEC systems

Red Sea’s all-new MAX® C-Series coral reef systems combine modern elegant design with fully featured
REEF-SPEC® lighting, filtration and circulation systems. The REEF-SPEC® design supports the needs of the most delicate SPS corals without the necessity for additional equipment, making successful reefkeeping easier than ever before.

Red Sea MAX® True REEF-SPEC® for a successful reef

The Red Sea MAX REEF-SPEC® performance criteria is the result of Red Sea’s years of research into the sustainable growth of allcorals, including the most delicate “SPS” corals, in an artificial reef environment. This knowledge, gained over 25 years, forms the basis for the specification of all Red Sea MAX® Aquarium systems designs.
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90° Corner with replaceable Trim Kit

Square corner aquarium with replaceable top and bottom color trim. Contemporary cabinet design with push-to–open doors and stainless steel soft close hinges.


red sea max reef and marine aquarium

MAX® C-Series Rear Sump

The MAX® C-Series aquariums are divided into 2 parts, Aquarium and the Rear Sump that discretely houses all of the filtration and circulation systems. The MAX® C-Series sumps contain multistage filtration consisting of a REEF-SPEC® protein skimmer, activated carbon and mechanical filter materials. The sump has dedicated space available for additional chemical filter media as well as the addition of a chiller.


MAX® C-250 Filtration System

red sea max c-series model 250 filtration system


MAX® C-130 Filtration System

red sea max c 130-filtration-system

Detachable Surface Skimmer

The water flows from the aquarium to the rear sump via a detachable surface skimmer (1) located across the top of the dividing glass wall that directs the organics laden water from the upper surface of the tank into the sump. Each section of the surface skimmer is detachable for easy maintenance.

red sea max c series- detachable-surface-skimmer


MAX® C-Series Protein Skimmer

The heart of the filtration system is the protein skimmer (2). The all new MSK 600/900 skimmers developed for the MAX® C-Series implement Red Sea’s REEF-SPEC® criteria for SPS corals, passing the entire volume of the aquarium water through the skimmer at least 3 times per hour and with a 3 to 1 water to air ratio. The new design of skimmers is not affected by the regular fluctuation in the water level of the rear sump due to evaporation, and has an adjustable outlet gate to maintain the optimal skimmate consistency which will vary according to actual water conditions. The new skimmer pump and impellor run cooler and quieter than before and the built in silencer on the air intake does a great job of eliminating skimmer noise.

Skim Adjuster

Red Sea’s MAX® C-Series All new MSK 600/900 protein skimmers are easily adjusted by raising and lowering the Skim Adjuster that sets the water height within the neck of the skimmer. Additional control is available when required by adding the optional valve on the air intake.


max c 250-Skimmer-section

Media Rack

A dedicated media rack (3) provides a convenient system for maintaining the various filter media such as the phosphate-free high quality carbon (4) that is supplied with the system.


Red Sea Max C-series media-rack

Chiller Ready (Optional Chiller Kit)

The Red Sea MAX® C-Series sump has a dedicated place for the addition of a chiller pump (11) as well as a convenient connection bracket (10) for the chiller piping (Chiller and pipes are not supplied with the system).


Red Sea Max C-series Chiller-ready

REEF-SPEC ® T5 Lighting (In MAX C-250 only)

The Red Sea MAX® C-250 aquarium is supplied with Red Sea’s REEF-SPEC®  T5 tubes to provide the ideal PAR and intensity for SPS corals. Each C-250 has the following combination of tubes: REEF-SPEC® BlueWhite 3 x 39W REEF-SPEC® Actinic 2 x 39W REEF-SPEC ® Pink 1 x 39W


Red Sea Max C series 250-T5 lighting


In Cabinet Power Center

The power center for the MAX® C-Series has been relocated to a convenient position within the cabinet. The 7 channel power centre operates all of the stock items as well as providing at least 2 spare switched outlets for optional equipment such as a chiller. Safety features include a splash cover over the power outlets as well as a built in circuit breaker for overload or short circuit protection.


 Red Sea MaX C-series power center


Plastic Corner Protector

Internal plastic corner inserts that form a standard part of the aquarium construction will ensure that the clean lines of the front corners will be maintained forever.


Red Sea Max C Plastic-Corner


Red Sea MAX® C-Series Features

Red Sea MAX® C Model
External dimension
1440 x 500 x 610 mm
(57” x 20” x 24”)
1520 x 555 x 960 mm
(60” x 22” x 38”)
Aquarium dimensions
510 x 484 x 584 mm
(20” x 19” x 23”)
545 x 537 x 928 mm
(22” x 21” x 37”)
Total water volume
Display tank with rear sump
130 liters
(34 gallons)
250 liters
(66 gallons)
Aquarium volume
Display tank
103 liters
(27 gallons)
210 liters
(55 gallons)
Filter volume
Rear sump
27 liters
(7 gallons)
40 liters
(10 gallons)
Aquarium glass thickness
Low iron glass
8 mm
10 mm
Surface skimmer
Built in wide surface skimmer
Lighting system
110W (2 X 55W)
T5 Power Compact
234W (6 X 39W)
T5 Linear
Lighting- 15,000k
(power compact)
(T5 High output)
Lighting- Actinic (22,000K)
(power compact)
(T5 High output)
Lighting- Pink
(T5 High output)
Moon lighting – Blue LED
Lighting control
Hood opening
3 positions
3 positions
Circulation pumps
European, silent energy efficient pump
1 x 1550 lph
(1 x 410 gph)
2 x 2000 lph
(530 gph)
Skimmer water throughput
Self-levelling, high efficiency pro skimmer
450 lph
(120 gph)
900 lph
(240 gph)
Skimmer max air flow
150 lph
(35 gallon)
250 lph
(66 gallon)
Skimmer foam adjuster
Heater wattage
Mechanical filter
Low density sponge filter media
Activated Carbon
High grade phosphate-free activated carbon
200g (7 oz)
400g (14 oz)
Media basket
Integrated power center
Located inside cabinet
7 outlets
7 outlets
Dual water cooling fan unit
Chiller installation kit